Connecting 2 1440p displays to a Retina Macbook Pro.

My boss very kindly bought me two Dell U2515H monitors (which are utterly, utterly lovely – best monitors I’ve ever had), which are 1440P monitors.

I had a few issues configuring them with a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina, so here’s the problems and how I solved them.

The first issue was that 1 monitor had a maximum resolution of 2048×1152. This was caused because I had 1 monitor plugged into HDMI (which worked fine) and the the other plugged in to a Thunderbolt port with a Thunderbolt → HDMI convertor. The fix was to use the included MiniDisplayPort → HDMI cable – plug the HDMI end into the monitor and the mini display port end into … the Thunderbolt port! Apparently, Thunderbolt is backwardly compatible with Mini Display Port. You learn something new every day 🙂

At this point everything was perfect in Mac OS X. However, I do most of my work in a Windows 8.1 Parallels VM, and certain applications were displaying with large, fuzzy text, as though they had been independently scaled by Windows.

Which they were…

The fix was to change the Windows DPI scaling settings. Click Start and type “Display” to find the display settings dialog. Then set the slider in “Change the size of all items” to it’s lowest setting of “Smaller”.

Display settings

And I now had 2 25″ 1440P displays, which are pretty much the perfect combination of screen-size, resolution, DPI in my view.