Ok, so, following on from my last post, I put Natty on a USB stick and ran it. It didn’t have wireless (I’ve got some crappy Broadcom driver that needs loads of configuring), it’s still using Gnome (presumably because I haven’t enabled Nvidia’s properietary drivers?) and I thought the sound was broken, although it turned out that it was just muted by default.

So, why am I angry? Oh, only because Natty changed the Windows bootloader to Grub, and now it’s booting into Ubuntu 10.04. FFS! Luckily I remembered my username and password.

Now, I’d sort of been meaning to change back to Grub anyway, so I can dual-boot, but being lazy I’d not got round to it. Maybe this is a sign…

Several hours of fucking about with Grub configurations later, I finally realised that I’d changed the boot order of my 2 hard-drives when I was telling my PC to boot from USB. One quick trip to the BIOS later, and everything is hunky-dory. Sorry Ubuntu – it was all my fault 😦


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